Индикатор LiPo аккумуляторов Cellmeter 8 [2S~8S]

  • Артикул: Cellmeter 8
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The CellMeter8 is the most accurate and easiest way to see whats happening with your pack. No more "err, I think it needs to be charged" while at the field.
This item is so accurate in fact, that we use it on all outgoing lipo stock, as a quick way to ensure pack balance and cell health. Plug the cellmeter into the balance plug of the battery and you will get a quick beep for each cell, and a final beep to indicate its balanced. You dont even need to look at the screen!! This makes it perfect for our warehouse staff who need to process hundreds of packs per day.
Industry proven, the Cellmeter8 is accurate and fast!

The cellmeter 8 can test up to 8S lipoly packs with .001v resolution!

This unit can be connected as an inline gas guage for your plane or heli, or can be used to check packs before and after flight.

Made in Japan.