• Бортовой анализатор аккумуляторов Hobby King

Бортовой анализатор аккумуляторов Hobby King

  • Артикул: HK-L1 7223
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The L1 in-flight voltage logger and health analyzer records and instantly measures your Lipo/LiFePo pack with a standard balance connector.
Accurate to .01v and displays all voltage in a single page.
Also displays the Min. & Max. voltage as well as health status of the battery and also has a Battery Voltage Discharge Curve Logger, its function is to record your battery discharge voltage and display as a curve graph.
It can record the lowest voltage during the flight and also has Interface for Battery type selection, Discharge curve base line value setting and voltage measurement trimming interface, which allows to adjust the voltage drift.

Battery Applicable: 1S ~ 6S Li-xx
Input Voltage : 1V ~ 25V
Working temp.: -20C~50C
Dimensions : 53x29x5mm
Weight : 9g