• TT-01 Усилитель рамы карбоновый

TT-01 Усилитель рамы карбоновый

  • Артикул: 53672
  • Доступность: В наличии
  • 850.00 р.

This is the optional Carbon Upper Frame for the TT-01 chassis from Tamiya.

FEATURES: Black carbon upper frame
Mounting hardware
2- 3x10mm tapping screws
2- 3x12mm tapping screws
4- 3x15mm tapping screws
4- almuminum collars

INCLUDES: One carbon upper frame with hardware

REQUIRES: Assembly on TT-01 chassis

SPECS: Length: 9" (230mm)
Thickness: 2.13mm

COMMENTS: This will only work on the Tamiya TT-01 chassis cars.