Помпа электрическая 7.2-12V For Gas and Nitro, 1 шт.

  • Артикул: BY7100-Y
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  • 4 500.00 р.
  • 4 200.00 р.


The case is CNC processed 6061.

Hardened pump barrel

Anti-fuel nylon with fiberglass filled gears.

The gear shaft is made with 304 stainless-steel.

Two high speed oil seals which made in Japan make sure the pump is anti-wear and long life.

The end seal o-ring is butadience-acrylonitrile rubber, that can be used for glow, gasoline and aviation kerosene.

Range of application: 7.2-12V

Flow Rate: 1000ml/min at 11.1V

Included filtered long fuel filling nozzle and filtered fuel pick up clunk.

Kindly Remark:

Do Not dry pump, this may cause failure.