• 1:41, Сборная стендовая модель шхуны Virginia, дерево

1:41, Сборная стендовая модель шхуны Virginia, дерево

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This is the Latina Virgina 1:41 scale static wooden model ship kit.
For Beginning Modelers

The Latina Virgina 1819 was designed in 1819 and launched that
same year. Also know as "schooners", these boats offered great
maneuverability and elegance. Equipped with a central swivel mounted carronade
and lighty armed plus high speed the Virginia was used for pursuit and
intercepting tasks as a Coast Guard boat.

FEATURES: Detailed constuction methods allow modeler to form the hull by
attaching planking strakes to the false keel and frames. Also,
each mast must be built and painted or stained for added realism
These features and more insure a truly realistic, detailed and
rewarding building experience.
All wood construction features Apple-wood, Ramin, Plywood, Mahogany
Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings, hinges and
hinge pins, belaying pins and much more

INCLUDES: One Latina Viginia 1819 "Schooner", kit. All fittings, rigging,
deck and hull planking strakes, plus main mast and bowsprit,
instruction manual, assembly manual and 2-full size color sheets
with photos of model in actual size, and other information.

REQUIRES: Wood putty, wood varnish, carpenter's glue, contact glue, CA glue,
sandpaper and tools.

SPECS: Length: 540mm (21-1/4")
Height: 500mm (19-11/16")
Beam: 120mm (47-1/4")
Scale: 1:41 (3.41"=1 Foot)

COMMENTS: General advice about varnishing, masts and sails and the running
lines (rigging) are listed in Step-39 of the manual.

Humbrol Super Enamel has a large selection of paint colors ideal for
this model that can be found under the ARXR prefix.