• Альтиметр/Лимитер для планеров и самолетов (без программатора)

Альтиметр/Лимитер для планеров и самолетов (без программатора)

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With the all new Hobbyking Altitude/Time Limiting System, you can set the max altitude limit of your model and program the motor to cut-off after that altitude has been reached. Additionally, you can set the motor to shut down after a pre-set time of running. It works by reducing the throttle channel's output signal once the pre-set altitude/time has been reached. The limits can be easily programmed via the optional programming box (available separately) and offer a setting range of 16m~3050m (altitude), 5s~9999s (time).

This system can also log your entire flight providing you a chart via PC software showing the in-flight altitude/time data.

This is a great device to ensure that your model is flying within your country's authorized altitude limits for model aircraft.

• Easily program your motor to shut down after pre-set altitude and/or time limit is reached
• 16m~3050m altitude limit range
• 5s~9999s time limit range
• Compact design
• Easy to use

Altimeter Specs:
Operating Voltage: 3.5~8.4V / 10A max
Working Temperature: -20°C~65°C
Altitude Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.3m
Altitude Limit Range: 16m~3050m (50ft~9999ft)
Time Limit Range: 5s~9999s
Dimensions: 23x15x6mm

Весьма полезный прибор для логирования высоты полета моторных и безмоторных планеров. В прибор встроен лимитер работы двигателя (отключение двигателя планера при наборе нужной высоты).