• Электродвигатель DuraTrax Photon Speed 2

Электродвигатель DuraTrax Photon Speed 2

  • Артикул: DTXC3301
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  • 750.00 р.
  • 620.00 р.

This is the Photon Speed 2 Motor (20 turn, single wind) from Duratrax.
This is the stock motor found on the Duratrax Evader EXT.

FEATURES: Great for monster trucks
20 Turn
Closed endbell, not rebuildable
Bushing motor
Standard (not laydown) brushes
Non-adjustable timing

INCLUDES: One motor
Two pre-installed capacitors
Pre installed bullet-type motor leads

REQUIRES: Two 3mm mounting screws
Bullet-type leads for speed control

SPECS: Turns: 20
Winds: 1(single_wire)
Stock for 7.2-8.4 volt battery
Uses oilless type brushes
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Shaft Length: 12mm
Overall Length: 68mm
Outside Diameter: 36mm

For proper break-in, use a 3-5V power source, run the motor with
no load. The contact patch should take up at least half of each
brush's surface. Do NOT use more than 5V power, as the
commutator may be damaged.