• э/дв. Turnigy SK3548-900 [900 kv, 3S~5S, 770W, 60A

э/дв. Turnigy SK3548-900 [900 kv, 3S~5S, 770W, 60A

  • Артикул: SK-3548-900
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TURNIGY AerodriveXp SK Series
AerodriveXP SK Series motors are designed for those who want the very best in outrunner technology for their R/C plane. Typically an efficiency improvement of around 8-10% can be seen over similar classed motors. This is in part due to the following;

Stator Laminations: .2mm
Magnet Type: N45SH
Bearings: Dual oversize (Japanese)

Model: SK35-48 900
Kv: 900rpm/v
Turns: 4
Resistance: 35mohm
Idle Current: 2.9A
Shaft: 5mm
Weight: 171g
Rated Power: 770w
ESC: 60A
Cell count: 3~5 Lipoly
Suggested Prop: 11*8, 13*6
Power equivalent : .25~42+ glow engine